Getting Down with Thelonious

By: Ben Slackenov
August 8, 2004

iím not much of a wine drinker, but
When i hear Thelonious Monk on the keys,
i have to be extra mellow with a woman,
Not as needy or rushed, because
Monk makes it extra mellow
His well thought out chords and selective scale bursts
Make caressing a womanís skin a journey in excess
Each curve, each fold, and each highlight off of her dark expanse of flesh
Is like a new expedition,
A well financed party of five and ten fingers
Each with his own deeply sensitive and knowledgeable discipline
Financed by the king of lust to seek out and claim new,
Fresh, unexplored territory
i reach for my wine glass and gently kiss Debbie on her long slender neck
i love a womanís neck
i take a drink from my glass and she takes a drink from hers
We look into each otherís eyes and make the same tight smile
The sour and bitter taste of the wine is sweet and sensual at the same time
We swallow,
Open our mouths,
And kiss each other with tongues,
Making the same slow expedition as our fingers

Charlie Rouseís sax is fun for a quick striptease
We both shake off our remaining clothes for each other
Debbie exaggerates her strip dance with her hips swaying low
Then looks up at me with her big brown eyes,
Blinking like a hungry puppy
Her mouth slit open just enough so that I can see her tongue
She rolls her shoulder as she comes up to my face,
Giving me a quick wink;
She pushes me back toward the bedroom

In the bedroom she moves with the long hiss of the cymbals
iím hypnotized by her uninhibited union with the music
Her flowing hourglass figure punctuated
With her shoving me forcefully on each snare pop
She pushes me quickly with rapid successive thrusts powerfully onto the bed
The music cascades over us like a wave crashing down on smooth, worn, rocks,
Returning back to the sea,
Flowing over each smooth, worn, rounded surface,
Leaving a wet film behind,
Only to be instantly covered again,
And again
And again

i can feel Frankieís bass notes deep in my hip joints
As Debbie makes the most beautiful face i have ever seen
She digs into my chest with her fingers and i feel my crotch tingle with pressure
She wants it all
i give it up
She wants more
i grab her hips
i hold her down;
A new instrument joins the group
Two new instruments join the group
We hold each other tight when the song is over,
Soon it will be time for an encore

"Ben's Jazz Poems"